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We’re building a new vibrant community for all those involved with organising, participating or hosting a Charity Golf Day.

For some time we've been testing and re-testing different ways in which a community can share best practice and news, from their Charity Golf Day.

Our new community site will host all our popular fundraising tips and resource, as well as providing a platform the share the exciting details about your next charity golf day.

A vibrant community awaits;come and join us at the 1st Tee...



For Charities

From simply advertising their next charity golf day to running their own golf shop, our new site is packed with many features aimed at increasing charity golf day revenues.

For Golf Clubs & Golf Professionals

Showcase your charity golf day diary, set up your own fundraising shop and create bespoke services for those organising a charity golf day.

For Suppliers

A place in our bespoke Charity Golf Day Directory puts you in front of all those tasked with organising their event. Create bespoke directory entries with links to your own shop, diary of events or special offers.

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About Us

Charity Golf Days is the flagship project from the team at Mulligan Golf Management Ltd.

Pulling together over 20 years of experience in the golfing and charity sector, to bring you all the latest innovations in increasing your charity golf day revenues.

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